Understanding the fuel of panic is the key to taking back control. 

If someone you love struggles with panic or acute anxiety, this course can help. 

Even if you feel overwhelmed and terrified, taking control of panic is all about knowing where to make the micro-adjustments in your attitude, and developing a practice that works. 

You'll discover the exact methods I teach my clients to employ when acute anxiety flares, which mindsets work and which ones don't, and the single biggest strategy you can use to keep panic from coming back, so you can get your life back on track.

This Panic Attack Power Tool is concise but comprehensive compilation of the top panic attack hacks my clients have used successfully over the last 20 years – the ones that really work and keep them panic-free moving forward.

With straightforward language and visual aids, I walk you through the core causes of panic, key steps to take control of panic, and most importantly, exactly what you need to know to keep panic from coming back.

All in one place, this course gives you all the tools you need to power down panic next time it strikes.

I'm giving you the short cut. You'll know exactly how to power down your panic next time is strikes, and the key things you need to know to keep it from returning, so you can stop worrying when the next time an anxiety attack will take over and derail you.

This course is for you if:

~ You feel terrified of having another panic attack, and feel powerless to do anything to stop it. 

~ Your thoughts about having a panic attack are ever present, and have become harder and harder to ignore.

~ You find yourself overwhelmed with dread at just the thought of having another anxiety attack. 

~ You feel beaten down by your anxiety, and don't know how to get your life back...
Eliminate your fear of acute anxiety. 
Learn what you can do to stop panic in its tracks.
Gain confidence in knowing you can handle anxiety next time it strikes...
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In addition to Panic Attack Power Tool
you will also get access to these 4 bonuses:
  • Panic Attack Flow Chart:
    Panic can be confusing and overwhelming, making it feel even scarier than it already it. Understanding the  overall mechanics of acute anxiety - what keeps it flaring and what quiets it down - can give you a sense of cognitive control you can draw on next time panic strikes.
  • How to Help Someone Having a Panic Attack:

    Panic doesn't just affect the person experiencing it, terror can also affect caretakers and loved ones who witness it, leaving caretakers feeling powerless, not knowing what to do. With this training, you'll discover the tools you need should someone in distress need your help.

  • Mindfulness App Resource Guide:
    My go-to digital resources for cultivating mindfulness, self awareness, and calm.
  • Self Compassion Solution:
    The basics of why self-compassion and gentleness matter so much when it comes to managing panic, along with specific exercises to help create more in your life.