Anxiety is real, and not just your imagination

If you're like most anxious folks I've worked with you just want to find relief from your anxiety, but aren't sure how to actually achieve it. So many things you've tried just haven't worked, and you're tired of feeling so controlled by your anxiety.

I get it. Anxiety can be debilitating, and quickly spiral out of control when you don't know how to work with it.

I also understand how overwhelming anxiety can be, and how hard it can be to try anything new, especially when so much feels out of control.

I get that too. Staying safe in what we know can help buttress against against the scary unknowns anxiety can bring. 

That's how life is, and how anxiety works at its worst.

Anxiety can be tough to navigate, and even escalate, when you don't have the right tools...

Even when nothing's worked so far, you're frightened of failing, or you're just plain tired of feeling like anxiety is ruling your life, you know there must be a better way...

Don't you just want to get control of your anxiety and start feeling like yourself again?

Well, I'm here to tell you anxiety doesn't have to control you. You CAN take control of anxiety in your life, just like the hundreds of people I've worked with over the years. 

How would you like a short-cut to turning the tables on your anxiety, and taking control?

"I am enrolled in your anxiety course and am thoroughly enjoying it, as it is very, very informative, well presented, and I am already feeling a bit of a difference in my anxiety. As I progress in the course, I feel confident it will make a significant difference."
Unlock the tools you need to finally take control of anxiety.

I've designed this 6 module, easy-to-follow, course to help you do just that. And, I want to give you an opportunity to get started taking control of your anxiety today.

Based on the Toolkit from my bestselling book, Hack Your Anxiety, I break down the most important concepts you need to know, and walk you through their application.

Using downloadable exercises and targeted explanations of the most important science, this course will furnish you with tools you need to immediately digest the core elements of hacking anxiety, step by step, so you can apply them to your life. 

Whether you have my book, Hack Your Anxiety, already, or are brand new to the material and not a reader, this interactive course will help you discover road-tested strategies to rethink anxiety and take control of its message and energy so you can start using it to live your best life. 

This Hack Your Anxiety Accelerator is a fast-track, tool-based approach to taking back control of anxiety now, and for good.

"I've started working with the online Hack Your Anxiety videos and materials and have found them very helpful so far. I feel eager (not anxious) to keep at it. See? I'm learning already. Thank you."
The Hack Your Anxiety Accelerator is for you...

If you know you want to make changes to how you think about anxiety, but aren't quite sure how to start.

If you worry this will be too hard, or you  don't have time to take a course,

If you're skeptical that your anxiety could actually change if nothing has ever really worked so far.

Maybe you have a copy of Hack Your Anxiety and haven't had a chance to finish it. Or worse, don't quite know how to get started, or where to focus first to start applying these strategies in your life.

Well, I cover all these questions and much more in this easy five module course designed to walk through the basics, step by step. 

"Thanks so much for your book and course. I'm a high school health teacher and so many of my students have anxiety and ask me for help. I want to be able to share more resources and tips with them, and of course recommend counseling. Thanks again!'
  • How to identify anxiety and effectively tune in to what it's trying to tell you.
  • The key science you need to know to understand how a new relationship with anxiety is possible, and what that means for you as you start changing your approach to anxiety right now.
  • The small micro-choices you can begin implementing immediately to begin changing your mindset, as well as your larger relationship with anxiety all together
  • What to do when anxiety threatens to take control, so that with this approach, you'll never have to wonder if you can handle your anxiety, and even your feelings.
  • How to take control of panic and acute anxiety so you never have to feel like anxiety is happening to you, or there's nothing you can do to control it.
"Your course has opened my eyes enough for me to see at least a tiny bit of light. I never thought of anxiety as having good and bad qualities. I've been a wreck for a while. Anyhow.. I could literally go on for days.. I won't. Just wanted to thank you!"
Unlock anxiety's inner wisdom and motivation.
Gain the tools you need to turn the tables on anxiety.
Feel the emotional balance you crave, starting now. 
Yours today for only $499
"I have already gone through the first video and module which I thought was very helpful. Today I have completed ways your anxiety affects you and it really was an eyeopener. Apparently, my anxiety comes in the form of yelling first and chatter second. Yikes!!! It shouldn't be so surprising as I really do see it in myself when I think about it. Very, very helpful." 

In addition to the Hack Your Anxiety Accelerator, 
you will also get access to over $600 in free bonuses:
Panic Attack Power Tool
Gain instant access to the key steps to controlling panic, and most importantly, teach you the strategies you need to KEEP panic from coming back.
Breaking Free from Obsessing Blueprint
Discover how to take control of your catastrophizing, and transform your obsessing into solutions that work.
10 Anxiety Traps and How to Transform Them
Key traps revealed that can maintain your feeling powerless, strategies to spot warning signs, and what YOU can do to take control, and even sidestep them completely.
Hack Your Anxiety Deluxe Audiobook
Key traps revealed that can maintain your feeling powerless, strategies to spot warning signs, and what YOU can do to take control, and even sidestep them completely.
"Thank you so much for writing your book and creating these courses. I have struggled with anxiety since college if not sooner.  I take meds, do talk therapy and read self help books to better myself. Your book has been by far the best self help book I have ever read. Thank you for taking the time to write it to help people like me."

"I am so glad I invested in your program!"

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