Anxiety Myths Navigator
How you think about anxiety can be as much of a problem as your anxiety itself.
We have certainly gotten the message loud and clear that being anxious is a bad thing. After all, it certainly doesn't feel good and can get in our way of doing what we need to do.

But we've confused this feeling with believing something being wrong with us if we feel anxious. Key myths about anxiety can play a prominent role in holding you back, and even escalating your anxiety. 

Even when you are trying to do everything right to manage anxiety, how you think about your experience can be making things worse, and robbing you of the control you crave. 

The only way to change how you manage anxiety is to change how you think about it, and understand the key misconceptions that could be getting in your way. 

When you learn what anxiety is actually trying to do, and how to think about it in a healthier way, you will begin to feel more control over your experience, and have firmer footing on which to walk the path ahead. 

Rethinking anxiety can be a powerful first step in taking control, so you can face your anxiety with more courage and confidence.
"Your work has opened my eyes enough for me to see at least a tiny bit of light. I never thought of anxiety as having good and bad qualities. I've been a wreck for a while.. I could literally go on for days.. I won't. Just wanted to thank you."
This course is for you if:

~ You feel frightened of your anxiety, and don't know if you can handle it. 

~ Your thoughts seem to be coming out of nowhere, and you don't feel any sense of control. 

~ You find yourself feeling more alone and frightened than you want to be, and worry your anxiety may not ever go away. 

~ You wrestle with doubt and insecurities that you will ever feel like yourself again
"I've started working with the online Hack Your Anxiety videos and materials and have found them very helpful so far. I feel eager (not anxious) to keep at it. See? I'm learning already. Thank you."
Eliminate your fear of anxiety.
Gain courage and confidence in facing  your anxiety. 
Take control of your emotional experience, starting now. 
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"I recently drove myself to the edge of exhaustion, fell, had operation on knee, kept right on going, and found myself drowning in anxiety. I picked up your book to read it for a second time. Thank you for the calm, wise words, and the clarity of expression. So very helpful."
In addition to Anxiety Myths Navigator
you will also get access to these 3 bonuses:
Anxiety Mindset Maximizer
Discover the mindset hacks that best position you to take control when anxiety flares
Anxiety Labeling Playbook
Get access to the interactive tool I use in my practice to help people reframe anxiety.
Anxiety Reframe Self Assessment 
Understand how to expand the attitudes that are working for you, and how to improve those that aren't.
"I am so glad I invested in your online programs. I know they will continue to help me."
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